Belinda Jones

Belinda JonesBelinda Jones is the bestselling author of ten novels.  Following ten years as a magazine journalist and travel editor, Belinda began writing novels inspired by her adventures. She has travelled to over twenty-five countries and hopes to write her way around the world by the time she’s done!

Her debut novel – DIVAS LAS VEGAS – was voted number two in the New Woman Bloody Good Read Awards while her personal love quest – ON THE ROAD TO MR RIGHT – became a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.

Belinda is currently based in leafy Virginia and lives with her American dog Bodie and US Navy husband Jonathan..

Belinda Jones Travel Club

THE TRAVELLING TEA SHOP (Hodder, Summer 2014)

TTS_final_lowres 1

Four women, spanning four generations, board a bright red London bus to travel around New England and trade traditional British cake recipes like    Victoria Sponge, Battenburg, Fruit Scones for classic American treats like Boston Cream Pie, Red Velvet Cake and Whoopie Pies.

Each woman has her own secret to heal and a potentially life-changing    romance on the road. But can making whoopie lead to love?

All aboard for: New York – Connecticut – Rhode Island – Massachusetts – Maine – New Hampshire – Vermont.  Find out when The Travelling Tea Shop comes to town!


  • World: Madeleine Milburn
  • UK & Commonwealth: Hodder

SUNLOUNGER anthology (UK publication: 1st July 2013)

Sunlougner anthology

The hotly-anticipated SUNLOUNGER anthology with a dedicated website featuring over 40 bestselling authors with their page-turning stories set around the world.

Masterminded by Belinda Jones, eight of the Agency’s clients are contributing to the anthology: Belinda Jones, Carrie Duffy, Emma Garcia, Anna-Lou
 Weatherley, Victoria Fox, Martel Maxwell, Lynda Page, Cally Taylor and Lara Williamson.

The anthology will also include three competition winners which the agency will be helping to judge.


  • US & Translation: Madeleine Milburn

WINTER WONDERLAND (Hodder & Stoughton, November 2012)

Winter Wonderland by Belinda Jones

Imagine waking up in a snow globe. . .

That’s how travel journalist Krista feels when she arrives in magical Quebec to report on Canada’s glittering Winter Carnival.

Over ten sub-zero days Krista’s formerly frozen heart begins to melt as she discovers an enchanting world of ice palaces, husky dog-sledding and maple-syrup treats galore. And then she meets Jacques, a man as handsome and rugged as he is mysterious. . .

The two share a secret that could bond them forever, but can they find a way to break through the protective layers around their hearts to warm up this winter wonderland?


  • UK & Commonwealth: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Polish: Foksal

CALIFORNIA DREAMERS (Hodder & Stoughton, July 2011)

California Dreamers by Belinda Jones

Ever wished you could make-over your life?

Make-up artist Stella is an expert at helping other people change their images, but when it comes to transforming herself, she doesn’t even know where to start.

So when her new friend, glamorous Hollywood actress Marina Ray, summons her a movie set in California, Stella can’t resist the chance to start afresh – it is the land of sunshine and opportunity after all!

But are they really friends or does Marina have an ulterior motive? What is the secret that both women are hiding about the nautical (but nice) men in their lives? And what will it take to really make both of their California dreams come true?

In a Pacific Coast journey that takes in Los Angeles, the world’s most romantic ranch and California’s very own castle in the sky – this story of friendship, long-distance love, kissing (and making up) is the perfect escapist read.


  • UK & Commonwealth: Hodder & Stoughton

LIVING LA VIDA LOCA (Hodder & Stoughton, June 2010)

Living La Vida Loca by Belinda Jones

Carmen’s been trapped in an oppressive relationship for Too Darn Long. So when her equally rock-bottom friend Beth suggests the ultimate escape – dancing their way through a series of scorchingly-hot countries – she can’t resist!

There’s just one catch… they can only go on this adventure if they participate in a reality TV show, one intent on teaching them the mournful tango in Argentina, the feisty, foot-stomping flamenco in Spain and the sassy, celebratory salsa in Cuba!

As they travel from Buenos Aires to Seville and ultimately steamy Havana, each dance has a profound affect on the girls – and indeed the sexy gauchos, matadors and dirty dancers who partner them…

But, when the sun goes down, do they have what it takes to go beyond the uno-dos-tres of the steps and to free their hearts for love?


  • UK & Commonwealth: Hodder & Stoughton

OUT OF THE BLUE (Random House/Arrow, August 2008)

Out of the Blue by Belinda Jones

Selena Harper always thought she had the perfect job: working on a luxury cruiseship, she’s whisked around the world from Alaska to Zanzibar with excitement and adventure awaiting her in every port. But as she prepares for her latest shore-leave – and finds herself unexpectedly deserted by her newly-engaged best friend – she begins to wonder if life on the ocean wave really is her dream come true. Why is she the only one who isn’t settling down? And how can she be feeling homesick when she has no home?

On a whim, she agrees to spend a week on the idyllic island of Crete, in the company of Alekos, a man she’s convinced is an incorrigible womaniser. Steeped in mythology, the island soon starts to work its magic on Selena – and, more worryingly, so does Alekos. Is he really the cad she’s always thought him to be? Or could it turn out that his home is where her heart is?


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow
  • Polish: Foksal

THE LOVE ACADEMY (Random House/Arrow, July 2007)

The Love Academy by Belinda Jones

Do you have enough romance in your life?

Journalist Kirsty Bailey would have to answer no. She has the essential starter kit – a boyfriend – but somehow Joe seems to have skipped the vows of for better/for worse and gone straight to for granted.

But then just as she’s on the verge of settling for a swoon-free existence, Kirsty’s magazine sends her to a majestic Venetian palazzo to attend the much gossiped-about Love Academy… Her undercover mission? To prove her editor’s theory that this ‘school for singles’ is nothing more than an escort agency with a sexy accent and fancy glass chandeliers.

But what if her editor is wrong and their promise of true amore is for real? Will Kirsty be able to resist the kind of moonlit temptations she’s been dreaming of for years, or is her relationship with Joe going, going, gondola?

If you think Casanova was a bad boy, just wait until you see what Cupid has in store for Kirsty…


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow

CAFE TROPICANA (Random House/Arrow, July 2006)

Cafe Tropicana by Belinda Jones

Latte-lover Ava Langston knows exactly what she wants: her very own café in a vintage arcade in Bath and a life free of complicated relationships. But her plans go awry when her long-distance dad phones insisting she hop on the next plane to Costa Rica to meet his brand new wife.

Ava has no intention of jetting to Latin America to acquire a stepmother – until, that is, her father offers her head honcho status at a beachfront café. The lure of frothing cappuccinos in a land where the coffee beans grow proves irresistible. But she hasn’t planned on Santiago, her sexy-yet-stubborn business rival, or rugged Ryan whose idea of romance is swinging through the rainforest canopy at 6am. Both men give her butterfliess but only one will capture her heart…


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow

THE PARADISE ROOM (Random House/Arrow, June 2005)

The Paradise Room by Belinda Jones

When Amber Pepper’s jeweller boyfriend Hugh asks her to join him on a business trip to the paradise islands of Tahiti she’s not keen – Amber loves big jumpers and rain. She’d rather be pedalling through puddles at home in Oxford than lolling in the gel-blue waters of the South Pacific. However, the prospect of sipping Mai Tais with her long-lost friend Felicity is incentive enough to coax her on the twenty-hour flight.

Within hours of touching down on coral sands the girls venture into a seductive new world of mesmerising music, exotic black pearls and sexy strangers. And for the first time Amber falls head over flip-flops in lust, only to receive an unexpected marriage proposal.

Will she opt for a barefoot beach wedding or cast caution – and her coconut bra – to the wind? No easy decision for a drizzle-loving gal when it’s ninety degrees in the shade…


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow

ON THE ROAD TO MR RIGHT (Random House/Arrow, July 2004)

On the road to Mr Right by Belinda Jones

‘If adventures do not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad’ Jane Austen

Belinda loves America. Her best friend Emily loves men. So when they decide it’s time to shake up their lives, they combine their two greatest passions in a fantastic road trip taking them from Eden to Valentine – via Climax – in pursuit of the American Dream Guy.

There’s no shortage of men – a Casanova from Cazenovia, a male cheerleader from Darling and a tattooed trucker from Kissimmee. But is romance really the answer to their problems? And is two women in search of the perfect man such a great idea anyway?

Theirs is a journey of revelations and surprises, of cactus kisses and errant snowploughs, but above all it’s a journey in search of love. And you think Thelma and Louise had an eventful trip…


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow

THE CALIFORNIA CLUB (Random House/Arrow, July 2003)

The California Club by Belinda Jones

When Lara Richards jets off to glamorous California, the last thing she’s expecting is to find her old friend Helen transformed from a clipboard-clasping frump into a shimmering surf goddess. The secret of her blissful new life? The mysterious California Club.

So the offer of guest membership – one wish, guaranteed to come true by the end of their stay is one Lara and her friends can’t resist. Could this be Lara’s chance to win her best friend Elliot’s heart after ten years of longing? Or does the fact that he’s travelling with his brand new fiancée mean that Lara will have to come up with a new dream…?


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow

I LOVE CAPRI (Random House/Arrow, July 2002)

I Love Capri by Belinda Jones

Kim Rees became a translator for the glamorous jet-set lifestyle. So, five years later, how come she’s ended up in a basement flat in Cardiff translating German computer games in her dressing gown? Fortunately her mother has a plan to extract her from her marshmellowy rut: a trip to the magical isle of Capri.

At first Kim refuses to wake up and smell the bougainvillea, but as she starts to succumb to the irresistible delights of cocktails on the terrace and millionaire suitors, she’s surprised to realise she’s changing. And when she meets a man who’s tiramisu personified, she finds herself falling in love. But how far will she go to win her Romeo?


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow

DIVAS LAS VEGAS (Random House/Arrow, March 2001)

Divas Las Vegas by Belinda Jones

Jamie and Izzy, friends for ever, have a dream: a spangly double wedding in Las Vegas. And, at twenty-seven, they decide they’ve had enough crap boyfriends and they’re ready for crap husbands – all they have to do is find them. So where better than Las Vegas itself, where the air is 70% oxygen and 30% confetti?

But as they abandon their increasingly complicated lives in sleepy Devon for the eye-popping brilliance of Las Vegas, their groom-grabbing plan starts to look less than foolproof. And those niggling problems they thought they’d left behind – like Izzy’s fiancé and the alarming reappearance of Jamie’s first love – just won’t go away…


  • UK & Commonwealth: Random House/Arrow