Geoffrey Malone

Geoffrey Malone

Geoffrey Malone spent his early life in Africa and did not receive any formal schooling until the age of eleven. He later spent sixteen years as a soldier, then left the UK for Toronto, where an encounter with a colony of beavers in the Ontario wilderness led to his first book – Brunner.

Geoffrey now has nine books published, most of which are about wild animals. They are all closely observed and describe the struggle for survival among differing species, in today’s man-dominated world.

He won the prestigious French Children’s Book of the Year, TamTam Prize, for Torn Ear, the story of a fox. This was followed soon afterwards by the award of the, Prix d’ Enfants et Grand-Parents Europeen. In England, he was shortlisted for the 2001 Stockton Children’s Book of the Year, with Elephant Ben, a story about ivory poaching.

Praise for Geoffrey Malone

DEAD BOYS’ CLUB (Hodder, May 2013)

DEAD BOYS' CLUB by Geoffrey Malone

The powerful story of a young boy’s capture, training, and struggle for survival in an African boy soldier army and his eventual escape.

Twelve-year-old Sam is ripped from his village in Uganda and forced to march with rebel soldiers to their training camp in southern Sudan. A weapon is thrust into his innocent young hands and his life becomes that of enemies and battles, violence and death.

With no escape, danger is around every corner. But there are ways to survive. Sam becomes friends with a fellow boy soldier and together their dreams of escape become a strength. Together, they are ready to fight.


  • World: Hodder

PIRATES (Hodder, May 2008)

PIRATES by Geoffrey Malone

Tom Lee’s burning ambition is to go to sea, like his father. So when Captain Lee invites Tom to travel on his ship, the Serota Star from Singapore to Penang, Tom jumps at the chance.

But these are dangerous waters where pirates in modern gun boats prey on merchant ships. And when a Triad gang discovers the value of the Serota Star’s cargo, the order goes out to seize the ship at all costs.

Tom is thrust headlong into a terrifying world where the pirate leader, the sinister Dragon Lady, has the power of life and death over him.

Only Tom’s knowledge of the sea can save him. He’ll need every ounce of courage – and unexpected allies


  • World: Hodder

TIGER (Hodder, 2006)

Tiger by Geoffrey Malone

Kuma is teaching her cubs how to survive in the pitiless forests of Central India, where wild dogs, pythons and jealous male tigers are a deadly threat.

But when a tiger’s bones and body parts are worth their weight in gold, they face the most cunning enemy of all – humans.

When poachers strike, the roar of a tiger in pain is unbearable for Anji and Himal and their father, Inspector Singh of the KanlaTigerPark. Together with the Park’s trained elephants and riders, it is time to bait their own trap…


  • World: Hodder

CADOC (Hodder, 2004)

Cadoc by Geoffrey Malone

There was something terrible happening in there. Something unmistakably evil. As the twins shrank back, men’s voices swelled, urging on the dogs until the noise of snarling, barking and whimpering animals became a continuous assault of pain…

Marla and Cadoc are peacefully bringing up their cubs on land farmed by Tom and Sarah Jeferson’s family. But badger baiters are in the area. Cruel and ruthless, they hunt badgers to use in a deadly sport.

As danger escalates, the Jefersons are drawn into a frantic struggle to save the badgers – from a fate far worse than death…


  • World: Hodder

WOLF (Hodder, 2002)

Wolf by Geoffrey Malone

Marak is the leader of a pack of timber wolves, fighting for survival in the worst winter in memory, moving south in a desperate search for food.

Ed and Jessica Viccary are newly-arrived in Elliot Lake, Wyoming. Their parents are vets serving the local ranchers. But when the wolves and the ranchers collide, bloodshed is inevitable.

The Viccary’s love of wildlife draws them into this ferocious struggle with devastating results.


  • World: Hodder

ELEPHANT BEN (Hodder, 2002)

Elephant Ben by Geoffrey Malone

Ben is travelling in the African Plains with his game-ranger father. It’s a chance he’s longed for, to really see the animals in the wild.

This territory is roamed by the great elephant Temba and her family in their daily hunt for food, their battles against ravenous lions and crocodiles who prey on young elephant calves.

But unknown to Ben, other humans are near. And their interest in the elephants is very different. For Temba and her family – and for Ben – a terrifying battle for survival awaits…


  • World: Hodder

CROCODILE RIVER (Hodder, 2000)

Crocodile River by Geoffrey Malone

He fought down a surge of panic. A nightmare head reared up out of the river and headed towards them…

Tom is visiting his uncle’s cattle ranch in the Australian outback. And when old Sam offers to take the boys walkabout, Tom knows it will be the highlight of the holiday.

But the wilderness is a harsh and unforgiving place, concealing dangers that even Sam cannot foresee. Suddenly, their lives are in jeopardy – and the threat is not just on land…


  • World: Hodder

KIMBA (Hodder, 1998)

Kimba by Geoffrey Malone

Kimba was born among the boulders of M’Goma Hill, in the scorching heat of the afternoon.

Nurtured by his mother, fierce, gentle Sabba, he learns the ways of the plains; the never ending hunt for food, the dangers from leopards, snakes, crocodiles – and rival lions.

So when strange lions challenge his father, Black Mane for leadership of the pride, Kimba is running for his life…


  • World: Hodder

TORN EAR (Hodder, 1997)

Torn Ear by Geoffrey Malone

The wind carried the scent of blood far into the night, while the vixen pawed at the broken little bodies on the pile of earth.

But Torn Ear survives the gamekeeper’s attack. Lowly his mother introduces him to the fox’s world – the skills of hunting and how to avoid danger.

Then he is on his own.

Until he meets Velvet, and they have their own cubs. But Man intervenes again, and his favourite cub is threatened. Torn Ear must rescue her, but how will he escape the clutches of the gamekeeper this time?


  • World: Hodder

BRUNNER (Hodder, 1998)

Brunner by Geoffrey Malone

Brunner’s family is killed by hunters. He flees across the snowy wilderness to find a new home with the beavers of LakeNapachokee…

But nowhere is safe from Humans. Greedy developers begin bulldozing and dynamiting the lakeshore to build a holiday resort. For Brunner it’s a desperate struggle to save them all from destruction.


  • World: Hodder