S.B. Hayes: Reviews

‘Poison Heart is a complete page turner …  The whole book was intriguing, I have never read anything like it! … a stunning, poignant novel … This is a thrilling must-read that defiantly goes on my top favourite books! …  I loved how I was on a constant cliffhanger; wondering if Genevieve was paranormal … a compelling read that draws you right from the first sentence, and finishes just as amazingly. I think the ending was, like the rest of this book, chilling but brilliant … such a fantastic book, I want to read it again and again and again!’       Page-turner blog


 ‘This is a read which is packed with suspense and atmosphere and at times the tension is close to unbearable … Hayes draws her characters well, particularly Katy herself, her mother – a somewhat tragic figure who can barely bring herself to leave the house, relying on Katy to do most things for her … A special mention here for Genevieve, one of the most compelling bad girls I’ve read about for a while … Overall, this is a very strong story which I’d highly recommend, and leaves me looking forward to reading more by Hayes in the future.’   Bookbag/YA YEAH blog


‘What I most loved about this novel is that it consistently blurs that line between reality and fiction … I also loved how much Katy developed and changed in the novel, becoming much more independent and assertive by the end. Her metamorphosis was very believably written and happened subtly throughout the novel … The tension and suspense is well written … I would recommend this novel to fans of suspense novels and YA, as well as those who want a fresh twist on paranormal novels. S B Hayes evokes a compelling psychological thriller with just a hint of the paranormal and is a welcome addition to the British YA scene.’   Choose YA


‘[Poison Heart] was so quick to get through purely because I wanted to know all the answers – the suspense was very quick to build up until right at the very end when everything was revealed … What I loved most about this book was the really creepy vibe it had to it. At times I was seriously freaked out and I was flipping pages as fast as I could get through them … the book was in no way predictable … Poison Heart was full of really unusual twists and turns that definitely kept me guessing all the way through … the ending to this book was absolutely brilliant’   Book Glorious Books review


 ‘Wow, what a spine-tingly, creepy and disturbing read this is. Poison Heart has it all – brilliant characters, a sweet romance and a deadly threat, with an exciting storyline that is full of unpredictable twists and turns and a shocking outcome… Overall, if you’re looking for an exciting, fresh and thrilling to read then this is the book for you.’    Book Passion for Life


‘This book evokes a compelling psychological suspense thriller with a hint of the paranormal thrown in for good measure.’ Crosby Herald