Jemma Forte

Jemma Forte

Jemma Forte grew up wanting to write for Cosmopolitan magazine, be a famous actress or work in a shoe shop (because she loved the foot measuring device in Clarkes.) Her parents didn’t really want her to go to stage school because, according to them, she was ‘precocious enough already.’ However, they actively encouraged her obsession with reading and writing, so she wrote her first book ‘Mizzy the germ’ when she was eight.

Years later, due to The Kids from Fame, (and she blames them entirely) her desire to perform hadn’t abated. Many hundreds of letters, show-reels and auditions later she finally became a Disney Channel presenter in 1998 where she remained for five years. After Disney Jemma went on to present shows for ITV, BBC1, BBC2 and C4.

In 2009 Penguin published her début adult fiction ‘Me & Miss M’, written while bringing up her two children.  She spends her time writing, as well as acting and presenting.

IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE (Harlequin/ MIRA, 2014)

IF YOU'RE NOT THE ONE by Jemma Forte

Ever wondered what life would be like if you’d made different decisions?

Chosen another career? Said yes to that date? Or married someone else?

 Jennifer Wright is full of ‘what if’ questions. And she’s about to find out the answers…

 After a terrible row with her husband, Jennifer runs out of the house and straight into the path of a car. Whilst in a coma she’s given the gift of seeing what could have been with three significant men from her past.

 If she’d gone traveling with unconventional, carefree Aidan would she be living the healthy outdoor life in sun-kissed Australia?

 Would being fabulously wealthy have been worth putting up with ex- boyfriend Tim’s occasional coldness?

 And if she’d stayed with kind, gentle Steve could she have found happiness after all?

 Jennifer will find out exactly how each choice she’s made has dramatically altered her life. But maybe those answers will leave her with even more life-changing decisions to make.

‘Sparky writing, true-to-life characters and a rollercoaster of a plot that will get you thinking about the ‘What Ifs’ in your own life – all make for an unmissable read.’  Abby Clements


  • World: Madeleine Milburn Agency
  • UK & Commonwealth: Harlequin/ MIRA
  • Film & TV: Working Title Films
  • Polish: Proszynski
  • Spanish: Random House Mondadori

FROM LONDON WITH LOVE (UK Publication: Penguin, 2011)

From London With Love by Jemma Forte

Everyone wants to be famous, don’t they?

Not Jessica Granger. Her father was the movie star who played the world’s favourite James Bond and, worse, her mother was voted sexiest-ever Bond Girl for her role as Heavenly Melons. Like it or not, fame is in her blood.

But Jessica dearly wants to be someone in her own right.

So she flees Hollywood for London, seeking independence in a city where nobody knows her name. But when she finds a job as a celebrity booker on a chat show she realizes the more friends she makes, the harder it is to keep up the lies about who she is. And when Jessica falls for Paul, a writer on the show, her life as a double agent causes double trouble.

With the truth of her past about to explode into her new world, can Jessica convince Paul she’s the real deal? Or maybe a sprinkling of the old 007 magic will spice up her love life?


  • UK & Commonwealth: Penguin
  • French: Presses de la Cite
  • Dutch: Luitingh-Sijthoff
  • German: Ullstein

ME & MISS M (UK Publication: Penguin, 2009)

Me & Miss M by Jemma Forte

Ever wondered what a celebrity’s life is really like?

Struggling actress Fran has always had stars in her eyes but with a part in a car insurance ad as her only claim to fame, making it big is starting to look unlikely. So taking a job as a PA to Caroline Mason – one half of Hollywood’s most famous couple – seems like a fantastic opportunity. Especially when Fran’s first encounter with Caroline’s sexy, Oscar-winning boyfriend involves him wearing nothing but a tiny towel . . .

But Fran’s new job is far from glamorous as her days are spent fetching never-ending, venti, quatro, decaf, skinny lattes and being an all-round slave to a demanding, botoxed diva. And when the job starts to cost Fran her friends and the man of her dreams she has to ask herself whether it’s really worth it.

The time has come for Miss M to find out a few home truths, for Fran to get her life on track and to win back her Mr Right…


  • UK & Commonwealth: Penguin
  • French: Presses de la Cite
  • Dutch: Luitingh-Sijthoff
  • German: Ullstein
  • Lithuanian: Alma Littera
  • Polish: Bertelsmann
  • Italian: Newton Compton