Praise for Talli Roland

‘A feel-good, fast-paced read.’  Chicklit Club

‘A delightfully romantic read with the perfect fairytale ending.’ Kim the Bookworm

‘I couldn’t help but love The Pollyanna Plan. The worst part? It ended, and now I have to wait until Talli’s next book comes out. Yes, I loved it that much, and yes, you need to buy yourself a copy right now!’  The Book Chick

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book…a light and entertaining read.’  Rea Book Reviews

‘A superbly well written story that will leave you feeling in a happy place. It was a pleasure to read.’   Official Kindle Users’ Forum Review

‘A fabulous read…once again, Talli Roland has written a story that leaves me happy and smiling.’ Turning the Pages
‘I had high hopes for this book, and it didn’t disappoint. The main character Serenity is lovable and relatable, and her hilarious exploits were a delight to read.’ Chick Lit Club

‘Loved the book! If you have yet to read something from Talli Roland, quit reading my review and get on it!’ Chick Lit Plus

‘The book has a special depth – it’s much more than a romantic comedy. A well constructed, enjoyable read.’ High Heels and Book Deals