Rebecca Carrington

Rebecca Carrington is 31 years old and has had nine miscarriages.  Despite these losses, she has given a voice to a child. Following a life in Los Angeles as a scriptwriter, Rebecca is now living in Derbyshire with her husband, the love of her life, and she’s just had her first baby girl, Ayva.

Jacob, experiencing numerous deaths wonders if his existence meant anything.  Worrying his ‘visits’ have destroyed her soul, he is tormented by guilt for a mother that knows nothing of his voice. 

When Jacob is born prematurely and dies at birth the first time, her husband Drew visits the body and Amelia asks the question ‘did you say goodbye?’, to which he replies, ‘I didn’t say goodbye, I said hello’.  Spurred on by ‘never saying goodbye’, Amelia dreams she can bring her son Jacob back after experiencing recurrent miscarriages, Amelia swaps Vogue for medical journals, survives treatments and trials, and stirs people emotionally with her spirit, determination and her tenacity to never take no for an answer.  

Jacob, her lost child, sees everything from the afterlife, yet no matter how loud he shouts his words are silenced and he can never be heard.  He sacrifices his mother’s touch for the one thing he can save…

WORLD RIGHTS: Madeleine Buston

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