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Publication day for THE DARK INSIDE

Rupert Wallis    The Dark Inside by Rupert Wallis

Huge congratulations to Rupert Wallis on the publication of his debut novel, THE DARK INSIDE.

As part of Simon & Schuster’s blog week, today Rupert will talk about his experience of the publishing process. You can read the blog post on So Many Books, So Little Time.

‘What my editor, Jane, helped me to do was tease out some of the story elements that were lurking in the background, almost as if I was adjusting the equalizer settings on a stereo, toning up certain aspects such as: the relationships between the characters, the world of the story, and some of the darker, more magical elements.  What I have learnt from this is that a writer needs to be very clear about how they want their story to be so they can justify its content when challenged.  Having a good working relationship with an editor is key and I was very lucky to be able to work with Jane who helped me see things about my manuscript I had not noticed before’  – Rupert Wallis

S&S blog schedule:

  • 27th Jan – Fiction Fascination (1024 / 1448 Twitter) – Rupert on writing The Dark Inside
  • 28th Jan – The Book Babblers (4296 Twitter) – Madeleine Milburn on discovering the book
  • 29th Jan Feeling Fictional (1165 / 2393 Twitter) – Jane Griffiths on editing The Dark Inside
  • 30th Jan – So Many Books, So Little Time (801 / 762 Twitter) – Rupert on the publishing process as an author
  • 31st Jan – Once Upon a Bookcase (651 /809 Twitter) – Paul on designing the cover for The Dark Inside
  • 1st Feb – Wondrous Reads (1689 / 4856 Twitter) – Kat on marketing a book like The Dark Inside
  • 2nd Feb –Books For Company (2182 / 998 Twitter) – Blogger questions and answers from Rupert

THE DARK INSIDE is out now in bookstores and on Amazon.


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Blogs and Reviews: THE DARK INSIDE by Rupert Wallis

The Dark Inside by Rupert Wallis

As publication day at the end of January draws nearer, this week Simon & Schuster will be posting a blog entry each day about the process of publishing Rupert Wallis’ debut, THE DARK INSIDE.

This series of blog entries will offer a really interesting insight on all aspects of the writing and publishing process – from initially getting the words down on paper, to securing an agent, the editing process, and the subsequent marketing of the book.

The schedule is as follows:

  • 27th Jan – Fiction Fascination (1024 / 1448 Twitter) – Rupert on writing The Dark Inside
  • 28th Jan – The Book Babblers (4296 Twitter) – Madeleine Milburn on discovering the book
  • 29th Jan Feeling Fictional (1165 / 2393 Twitter) – Jane Griffiths on editing The Dark Inside
  • 30th Jan – So Many Books, So Little Time (801 / 762 Twitter) – Rupert on the publishing process as an author
  • 31st Jan – Once Upon a Bookcase (651 /809 Twitter) – Paul on designing the cover for The Dark Inside
  • 1st FebWondrous Reads (1689 / 4856 Twitter) – Kat on marketing a book like The Dark Inside
  • 2nd FebBooks For Company (2182 / 998 Twitter) – Blogger questions and answers from Rupert

‘I’ve actually discovered that something wonderful can happen when writing deeply and truthfully, namely that specific moments and events in a book can morph into something universal. By this Rupert WallisI mean that a reader can read something specific in a story, which can make them recall an experience in their own lives, creating a deeper connection between them and the book. I hope this is true in some small way for those who read ‘The Dark Inside.’  – Rupert Wallis

Read the first blog post now:


Another great review for THE DARK INSIDE by a UK blogger:

‘A book that you can’t stop thinking about, that you have to tell people about and, for me, that’s the mark of a truly powerful novel. A staggering debut by a writer I think we’ll all be watching out for in the future.’  Writing From The Tub

THE DARK INSIDE by Rupert Wallis will be published by Simon and Schuster on 30th January 2014. Pre-order now on Amazon.

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Official US trailer for NIGHT SCHOOL

The US edition of NIGHT SCHOOL is out today.  The official US trailer below was made by BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Jack Jewers of Trailermade Films, in close collaboration with C.J. Daugherty herself:   

NIGHT SCHOOL has been translated into 21 different languages, and we’ve already had the following fabulous review from America’s Booklist:

Night School.

Daugherty, C. J. (Author)

Jun 2013. 432 p. HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen, hardcover, $17.99. (9780062193858).

Only gutsy first-time novelists would tackle the well-worn “sinister boarding school” trope, complete with a troubled new girl navigating the social scene and various shadowy dangers. After all, where to go with such familiar ingredients? Yet Daugherty knows exactly where she wants to take us, and soon enough, readers will be hooked. The lean prose certainly helps, as does how the plot is punctuated by several unforgettable scenes of suspense, including a skinny-dipping escapade complicated by a panic attack and a rooftop encounter with a bottle of vodka that ends in . . . well, that would be telling. Connecting such episodes is protagonist Allie Sheridan’s efforts to learn why she was admitted to such an elite institution, and about “Night School,” a shadowy training program within it. If initially some students seem stereotypical, keep reading: Daugherty is expert at revealing character through action. Similarly, Allie can appear too reactive, letting others rescue her—but then she notes this tendency, thereby incorporating it into her character arc. Ultimately, both the story and the writing itself are full of surprises.

— Peter Gutierrez


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C.J. Daugherty tours the UK

Lady Holles School 2C.J. Daugherty, author of international bestselling NIGHT SCHOOL, has been touring the UK with the second book in the series, NIGHT SCHOOL: LEGACY.  She’s had fantastic events so far, giving talks at schools including Frensham Heights (Surrey), Lady Eleanor Hollis (Middlesex), The Mary Erksine School (Edinburgh), Westfield High School (Newcastle) and Wakefield Girls High School (Yorkshire).

Upcoming schools include Queen Margaret’s School (York), The Queen’s School (Cheshire), Burford School (Oxfordshire), Caterton School (Oxfordshire), Surbiton High Senior School (Surrey), and Hartlands School (London).  At each school she’s talked to over a 100 NIGHT SCHOOL enthusiasts.



NIGHT SCHOOL, the first book in a series of darkly romantic YA thrillers set in a British boarding school, is generating excitement around the world.  It has been translated into 20 different languages to date.  The US edition, published by HarperCollins, is out this May. Christi also been doing signing events at bookshops across the country together with an extensive blog tour and publicity for all her foreign publishers worldwide.

Wakefield School

C.J. Daugherty with girls at Wakefield School in Yorkshire


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Having trouble knowing what genre your work falls under?

When I talk to writers at Writers’ & Artists’ conferences, a lot of them tell me that they find it difficult pitching their books because they have trouble knowing what genre their writing falls under.

The word ‘genre’ is a French word derived from the Latin word genus which implies “type or sort”. It is used as a way of categorising or identifying a certain kind of book and therefore makes it easy for readers to know what to expect. In literature there are tons of genres, and it can really help your pitch if you can describe to an agent the genre you are writing and the readers your book may appeal to.

Some writers simply say to me that their book cannot be categorised into a specific genre, and this can definitely be the case with literary fiction which can be impossible to pin down, turning certain genres on their head. I remember the only way I could describe an accessible literary novel I was selling was ‘genre-bending’.

There is a very useful feature by the children’s author Malorie Blackman on the Writers’ & Artists’ website. She looks at different genres of children’s books to help writers define their own work or even help writers decide what kind of story they should write: genre list for children’s fiction

For adult fiction, I think the List of literary genres on Wikipedia is really helpful.

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NIGHT SCHOOL: The Story of a Bestseller

C.J. Daugherty’s début, NIGHT SCHOOL, was published with great excitement by Oetinger in Germany at the end of July 2012.  Rapidly selling 17,000 copies in the first three days of sales, it has already shot straight into the extended Spiegel Bestseller list.  Whilst reading NIGHT SCHOOL, we are constantly made to ask ourselves:  ‘Who can you trust when no one seems to be telling the truth?’  Oetinger’s campaign to acquire the German rights started with two simple words ‘TRUST US’.   They competed in a seven-way auction and won the German rights for the first two books of the series in a significant six figure deal.  Following this impressive start, Oetinger gave the book a phenomenal launch, which you can see in this fantastic German website dedicated to the entire NIGHT SCHOOL series.

As well as offering readers tons of exclusive material, including Cimmeria Academy’s ground maps as well as NIGHT SCHOOL themed wallpaper, extra chapters, e-cards and a facebook group, Oetinger created a gripping trailer which has already notched up thousands of views on YouTube:

Atom, an imprint of Little, Brown, published NIGHT SCHOOL in the UK in January 2012, and so far it has been the third YA bestselling début of the year.  NIGHT SCHOOL was the biggest YA crime & thriller at the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair, selling into 20 different territories.  It has also been published in France and Spain to great critical acclaim, and most of the other 18 foreign publishers are publishing in their languages this autumn.  We are also awaiting eagerly  the US edition which Katherine Tegen, an imprint of HarperCollins US, will be publishing in the summer of 2013.

C.J. Daugherty has been delighted with the German success:  “WOW! 🙂 I’m so thrilled and excited that German readers are responding to Night School and relating to its characters, and to the setting in an English boarding school.  I’ve also been blown away by how innovative and fun Oetinger’s work has been spreading the word about the series to new readers. They’ve made it a beautiful, collectable series. I’m so grateful to everyone involved!”

NIGHT SCHOOL is a five-book psychological thriller series, set entirely at a boarding school in the English countryside.  Allie Sheridan is a troubled middle-class girl sent away to Cimmeria Academy, which she believes is just a posh reform school.  She couldn’t be more wrong.  These students are participating in secret night school activities. Suddenly it seems clear that nobody has ever told Allie the truth about anything…

NIGHT SCHOOL appeals to both adults and young adults.  Follow these links to purchase the UK edition of  NIGHT SCHOOL or the Kindle edition.

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