Praise for Kathryn Croft

‘A stunning and deeply disturbing debut novel by Kathryn Croft.  Her characters are utterly believable and as a result the reader lives the story rather than reads it, with ever increasing anxiety.  The author clearly has a natural talent for the genre and she belongs in the category of well established authors such as S J Watson, Elizabeth Haynes and Gillian Flynn.  The story begins in a normal world but rapidly the plot descends into a chilling maelstrom combining highly abnormal human relationships and paranoia.  While “living the novel”, it is impossible not to question the true nature of human beings’ interactions when revealed from “behind closed doors”.  While following the narrative, a story within the story gradually emerges adding to the suspense.  I could not put this book down and after the devastating denouement, I was left with the knowledge that the story would stay in my mind for weeks or months to come.  I am looking forward with eager anticipation for Kathryn Croft’s next novel.’

Phillip McKee