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Bookouture US Publications for Victoria Fox and Anna-Lou Weatherley

Congratulations to agency authors Anna-Lou Weatherley and Victoria Fox on the US publicationsof VENGEFUL WIVES and TEMPTATION ISLAND

VENGEFUL WIVES by Anna-Lou Weatherley        Temptation Island by Victoria Fox

VENGEFUL WIVES by Anna-Lou Weatherley (CHELSEA WIVES in the UK)

Money can’t buy you love…

Discovered at the tender age of sixteen, Imogen Lennard once had the world at her feet as one of the world’s top fashion models.  Now married to Sebastian Forbes – a billionaire as controlling as he is wealthy – she has everything money can buy…  but can’t forget her first love.

On the surface they have it all; beauty, wealth and status. But, united in their destructive marriages, the three women join forces and risk it all for the ultimate revenge… and the chance of finally finding their own happy ever after.

‘A fun, romp of a read, the perfect poolside companion.’  Grazia

‘If you’re a die-hard fan of Jackie Collins and Rebecca Chance, then Anna-Lou Weatherley’s books will be up your street.’  I Heart Chick Lit

‘This is a fantastic debut adult novel from Anna-Lou Weatherley, and the perfect beach read! It’s escapist fiction at its best, and it goes to show that even if you have all the money you could ever need, it doesn’t necessarily make you happy  5/5′  Chloe’s Chick Lit reviews

The US ebook for VENGEFUL WIVES is available on Amazon now



Welcome to Paradise:  Only the rich are invited…only the strongest survive.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, an exclusive island provides the ultimate getaway for the rich and famous.  Beneath the glittering waters though lie dark secrets…  to which one man holds the key.

For three women – world-famous supermodel, LA’s wildest teen tearaway and a Hollywood starlet – their invitation to the shores Cacatra will change everything as discover a secret so shocking, there’s no turning back…

‘Victoria Fox is a Jackie Collins for the twenty-first century: sharp, witty and scandalous. Temptation Island epitomises escapism.’  Fresh Direction

Hot encounters, breathtaking scandal, lashings of secrets and lies . . . you’ll be lost to temptation until long after the sun has set.’ dailyrecord.co.uk

‘Even we were shocked at the scale of scandal in this juicy tale.’  Now magazine

The US ebook for TEMPTATION ISLAND is available on Amazon now


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UK Bestselling author Victoria Fox launched in America

Hollywood Sinners by Victoria Fox

The all-new American edition of HOLLYWOOD SINNERS by Victoria Fox is published in the US today by Bookouture.  Readers in America can now get hold of the ebook edition by clicking on the cover below:

Hollywood Sinners Bookouture

Praise for Victoria Fox

I was blown away…I truly didn’t want it to end…Hollywood Sinners is a book to pack in your suitcase this summer’ 5/5 – chicklitreviews.com 

‘Like Louise Bagshawe but cooler, Fiona Walker with more balls, and Jackie Collins only funnier. Loved it’. 10/10 – Novelicious.com 

‘For a trip to ultimate escapism, take the Jackie Collins freeway, turn left at Sexy Street, right at Scandal Boulevard. Your destination is Victoria Fox’s Hollywood’ – dailyrecord.co.uk

‘This sweltering tale about the dark side of showbiz had us completely hooked’. 5 Star Book of the Week – Now

‘Sure to be a huge hit and perfect for the beach’ – The Sun

‘This debut novel is full of sex, glamour and divas!’ 4 stars – Star 

Scandalous. Glamorous. Sexy. Victoria Fox’s sassy, sparkling debut puts the bonk back into bonkbuster!’ – Lovereading

Get your scandal fix here!’ – Closer

‘This summer’s hottest novel. Hollywood Sinners…is giving Jackie Collins a run for her money’ – That’s Life!

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19 days ’til Christmas: The Literary Agency Advent Calendar

In the run up to Christmas, the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency will be posting an entry from one of our authors each day, offering anything from writing tips and their inspiration, to Christmas memories and their wishes for the year to come.


Victoria Fox

Santa, are you there…?

When I was eight, I had to prove everything. That my upturned-cardboard-box table sale would make more than 50p; that my Jordan Knight dance routine was better than my sister’s (it was); and that my cat really didn’t mind getting dragged round the front garden in a John Lewis plastic bag. Sorry, Tom.

So when I heard a cruel whisper at school that Santa Claus might not be real, I set out to put the record straight! Why the big secret anyway? Why did Santa have to hide out all the time? The way I saw it, if he was real, he ought to just say so.

Admittedly Santa would probably bolt right back up his chimney if confronted by the outpourings of my imagination today (I’ve always thought the Maldives a more fitting backdrop to Wicked Ambition than the North Pole), but back then he didn’t seem to mind. So, I wrote a note to Father Christmas. Not just any old note, mind you – a contract. I put it to him straight: simply, it was time to man up. How was I meant to keep supporting him, defending his name against the non-believers etc. etc. if he didn’t give me at least a little in return? Just sign on the dotted line, I wrote bossily, with full name printed below, and we’ll all be happy. See? Proof.

It turns out Santa is a reasonable man – and he carries his own pen. I had left out felt tips for the purpose but whatever the big man used to sign had to be a magic wand. What else could it be? It was GOLD! And glittery. Right there in the morning, just as I had left it save for the addition of a beautiful old-fashioned autograph, was my wish come true. Just the faintest outline, a whisper of magic passing in the night, but most definitely and categorically there – in elaborate, beautiful, delicate script, two words:

Santa Claus.

To this day, nobody has admitted the fraud. The handwriting was and remains unlike any I’ve seen. Was the real Father Christmas in my room that night? It’s reassuring that a man in his position takes logic seriously – after all, it must get annoying when everyone thinks you’re made up all the time. Sometimes, you need just a sprinkle of proof. And mine made that year the best Christmas ever.

Victoria Fox‘s debut HOLLYWOOD SINNERS is launched in the US today by Bookouture. Her latest book, WICKED AMBITION, is out in the UK now. 

See Victoria’s dazzling new website

Hollywood Sinners by Victoria Fox   Wicked Ambition by Victoria Fox

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Bookouture to launch UK women’s fiction authors in America

Victoria Fox  Emma Garcia   Anna-Lou Weatherley

The Madeleine Milburn Agency celebrates the collaboration with digital savvy publish Bookouture to launch three of the Agency’s bestselling women’s fiction authors in America.

Victoria Fox’s Hollywood Sinners, Temptation Island and Wicked Ambition published by Harlequin/Mira in the UK will be the first author to go global, closely followed by Anna-Lou Weatherley’s Wicked Wives and Vengeful Wives (published as Chelsea Wives in the UK by HarperCollins/Avon), and Emma Garcia’s Never Google Heartbreak published in by Hodder in the UK.

Milburn says “I’ve always found it a complete an anomaly how so much women’s fiction can work so well in the UK but hasn’t yet broken out in the US. We don’t see this same divide when it comes to films or TV, or even bestselling women’s fiction authors such as Jackie Collins and Sophie Kinsella. It’s my belief that Oliver can tap into a US readership for our authors with his digitally savvy marketing.”

Oliver Rhodes, founder of Bookouture, said he expected to see more and more traditionally published UK authors being published digitally in the States. “Victoria, Anna-Lou and Emma are all amazing writers whose work  definitely has global appeal. We’ve seen authors like Sophie Kinsella, Helen Fielding and Tilly Bagshawe have great success on the other side of the Atlantic, but the key is not just making the titles available  —  they need to be positioned well and have marketing support. We’re able to do that and we’re very excited about the potential.”

This deal news has been reported in trade press including The Bookseller and Bookbrunch.

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Wicked Ambition launch photos

Victoria Fox and her editor Sally Williamson

Victoria Fox and her editor Sally Williamson

A fabulous launch party was had by all at Wahaca in Soho to celebrate the publication of Wicked Ambition by Victoria Fox.

The Daily Express has already called it quite simply ‘the best bonkbuster you’ll read all year.’

The Telegraph features an excellent interview with Victoria Fox on Why a new generation of women are drawn to bonkbusters.

And, from the legendary bonkbuster author herself,  Jackie Collins says: ‘Victoria Fox is always a fun read.’

Amanda Eva, Victoria Fox, Madeleine Milburn

Amanda Eva, Victoria Fox, Madeleine Milburn

Victoria Fox and Head of Marketing, Tara Benson

Victoria Fox with Tara Benson, Head of Marketing

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Congatulations to the ‘Racy Reads’ winner, picked by Victoria Fox!

Racy Reads winnerVictoria Fox has made another fabulous appearance on ITV’s Lorraine show, announcing the winner of the Mills & Boon ‘Racy Reads’ competition with Bill Roache and Jackie Collins herself.

Watch the coverage here:  Racy Reads – the winner announced

Anouska Knight won the competition with CAKE.  Her work will now be published by Mills & Boon AND she’ll be flown out to LA for a lunch with Jackie Collins.

The two talented runners up were Helen Corcoran with YOUNG AT HEART and Georgina Woolmore’s LOVE LIFE.

Victoria Fox said of the competition: “It’s been amazing for me to be involved in this, from start to finish: being able to talk with the mighty Jackie Collins, meeting legend Bill Roache, and working with the ITV team to uncover a brilliant new writer. What a fantastic experience!”

Victoria Fox’s brand new bonkbuster, WICKED AMBITION, is coming out this summer following her huge success with HOLLYWOOD SINNERS and TEMPTATION ISLAND.


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Victoria Fox talks to Jackie Collins on ITV’s Lorraine show!

Victoria Fox and Jacke Collins on Lorraine

Sitting on Lorraine’s sofa talking to Jackie Collins was something Victoria Fox only dreamed of before she became a successful writer herself.

But yesterday morning, they were chatting away on ITV’s Lorraine Show. Both Jackie Collins and Victoria Fox have been chosen to judge the Racy Reads competition where they are on the search for the next big sexy book for 2013.

They offer key tips for writing successful books (about 15 mins in):

Lorraine 8:30am, Monday 14 January 2013 Victoria Fox talking to Jackie Collins

Victoria Fox writes sexy, sensational and sinfully good books published by Harlequin/MIRA. Her latest novel, WICKED AMBITION is out this summer.

Milburn says: ” It was truly exhilarating seeing Victoria on the Lorraine show. She’s an absolute natural on TV, and offered excellent advice to new writers’.

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