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Mel Sherratt No.1 bestseller in the UK and US!

Watching Over You by Mel SherrattCongratulations to Mel Sherratt on her No.1 position for psychological thrillers this week on both the UK and US Amazon charts.

WATCHING OVER YOU (Thomas & Mercer) has been out for just over a week and it is already a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.

‘Watching Over You is a tense, erotic thriller with one of the most terrifying antagonists I’ve ever read. The worst terrors are always those that hide closest to home and Charley’s experiences–negotiating her path alone–will be familiar to many.  She is as vulnerable as any of us, stronger than she realises, and yet still in mortal danger. Charley is my new best friend, and Ella a terrifying villain–outwardly ordinary and utterly unhinged.

Watching Over You is the book you’ll wish you could read from behind a cushion’   – Elizabeth Haynes, author of Into the Darkest Corner


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Mel Sherratt’s WATCHING OVER YOU is celebrated at Amazon Publishing and the MM Literary Agency

MS 2 bit of colour                  Watching Over You by Mel Sherratt

Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer have just published Mel Sherratt’s new psychological suspense thriller, WATCHING OVER YOU.  They have a huge level of promotion in store for this terrifying, yet compulsive thriller.

‘Watching Over You is a tense, erotic thriller with one of the most terrifying antagonists I’ve ever read. The worst terrors are always those that hide closest to home and Charley’s experiences–negotiating her path alone–will be familiar to many. She is as vulnerable as any of us, stronger than she realises, and yet still in mortal danger. Charley is my new best friend, and Ella a terrifying villain–outwardly ordinary and utterly unhinged.’ –Elizabeth Haynes, author of Into the Darkest Corner

 You’ll never trust your neighbours again…  

Following the death of her husband and unborn child, Charley Belington sells the family home and bravely starts life over again. On moving into a new flat, she is befriended by her landlady, Ella, who seems like the perfect friend and confidante.

 But, unbeknown to Charley, Ella is fighting her own dark and dirty demons as the fallout from a horrific childhood sends her spiralling down into madness—and unspeakable obsessions.

 As Ella’s mind splinters, her increasingly bizarre attentions make Charley uneasy. But with every step Charley tries to take to distance herself, Ella moves in a tightening lockstep with her, closer and closer and closer…

From the bestselling author of Taunting the Dead comes a raw, intense, relentless, and darkly claustrophobic psychological thriller that grabs you by the back of the neck and never lets you go. 

Mel Sherratt has written feature articles for The Guardian, the Writers and Artists website, and Writers Forum Magazine, to name just a few, and regularly speaks at conferences, event and talks.  Her crime and thrillers have sold in excess of 100,000 copies since publication, and her crime debut, TAUNTING THE DEAD, soared to the rank of No.1 best-selling police procedural in the Amazon Kindle store in 2012.

Amazon's publication banner on the Kindle Books page

Amazon’s publication banner on the Kindle Books page

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22 days ’til Christmas: The Literary Agency Advent Calendar


In the run up to Christmas, the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency will be posting an entry from one of our authors each day, offering anything from writing tips and their inspiration, to Christmas memories and their wishes for the year to come.

With a special congratulations to Mel Sherratt on today’s publication of TAUNTING THE DEAD

MS 2 bit of colour    Taunting the Dead by Mel Sherratt


Ah, Christmas. That time of year again, where I can settle down in my winter jimjams and furry Rudolph slippers, with a glass of Bailey’s and the Quality Street tin. I can get out my lovingly-chosen-over-several-hours 2014 diary and, Bridget-Jones’ style, sit down with my matching pen.

Dear Diary…

I think for most of us, Christmas and New Year are always a time to reflect. But as writers, often we dwell on rejections, and that one author/writer/producer/ who is always doing better than we are, and the fact that yet another year has gone by without that elusive book deal coming our way. Oh, the angst of being a creative.

During the years, it’s imperative that we find our own paths to tread. Mine has been a very long journey to get to where I am today. I tried twelve years to get a traditional publishing deal before trying out self-publishing (which would never have been written in my diary several years ago.)  Two years on from that and, finally, I can say that today is MY publication day.  My crime thriller, TAUNTING THE DEAD, is published in e-book, print and audio by Thomas and Mercer.

Years ago, I used to be a member of an online writing group, The Novel Racers. Every January we would each set a goal to finish a project, and then we would ‘race’ to get it finished. There were forty of us, at various stages of writing/publishing. The first year I took part, I won and Cal Taylor came a very close second. Cal is another of The Madeleine Milburn Agency clients. We both started out writing women’s fiction – now we both write psychological suspense/thriller and have the same agent.  Yet both of us took very different journeys to get to where we are right now.

People often scoff at New Year’s resolutions but I feel we all need goals to work towards. Something magical happens when you set something down in writing. The mind is a powerful organ and it begins to manifest the things that you need to do in order to achieve those goals. For years, in between Christmas and the New Year, I would write down what I wanted to achieve the following year. Always it would be ‘to get a two-book deal.’ No matter how many times I didn’t quite manage it, that goal still stuck in my mind. And now, finally, I can say this year there WILL be something special underneath my Christmas tree.

So, how about this? Perhaps on New Year’s Eve, write down one or two writing goals that you’d like to achieve in 2014. They can be big or small – or several goals working towards one big dream. And, like me, you might have an extra surprise from Santa next year.

Mel Sherratt‘s novel TAUNTING THE DEAD is published today with a brand new cover by Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer. 

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Mel Sherratt JOINS the Madeleine Milburn Agency

Mel Sherrat with KindleI am absolutely thrilled to welcome crime and thriller writer extraordinaire, Mel Sherratt, to the Madeleine Milburn Agency.  Since publishing with Amazon, Mel has sold over 100,000 copies of her novels.  Her bestselling crime début, TAUNTING THE DEAD, a gripping police procedural, shot to the top 10 on the Amazon Kindle chart.  It has been No.1 in police procedurals, No.1 in mysteries and No.1 in thrillers, staying in the top 10 for four weeks and the top one hundred for three months.

Her gritty psychological thriller series, THE ESTATE, is also having huge success on ebook. Both SOMEWHERE TO HIDE and BEHIND A CLOSED DOOR are in the top 3 thrillers and suspense category. The third book in the series, FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL, will be released this Christmas.

Mel Sherratt was recognised for her writing when she was just 11 years old.  She was honoured by Staffordshire County Council after winning a writing competition where she was selected as one of twenty finalists out of 60,000 entries.  Her primary school ran an annual award in her name for best written essay.

In 1997 she became a housing officer for the local authority from which she draws many of her experiences. She has been writing novels for twelve years, including popular women’s fiction under a pen name. She published her first crime novel in December 2011 and is currently writing a dark psychological suspense thriller that Madeleine Milburn will reveal at the London Book Fair 2013.

Milburn says “As soon as I met Mel, I could see exactly why she has become a bestselling author.  She has achieved so much on her own but I am now determined to break her out internationally.”

Mel has even been quoted by Ian Rankin in We Love This Book, Desert Island Books – ‘There’s a lot of young crime writers that I’ve just met for the first time. There’s one called Mel Sherratt – and she’s only on ebook at the moment; she’s very interesting.’


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